As in the original, the idea is to order the tiles such that each of the 6 cube faces has a single color. Just slide your finger horizontal, vertical or diagonal along 3 or 4 subsequent tiles to make a turn. Click

for more information on all possible turns. Tap ‘undo’ if you want to backtrack, tap 'redo' to undo the undo. Tap ‘again’ for the same game again and ‘new game’ for another one.

The startup Game: Game 0, shows you the cube in the final setting, be it that colors can be permuted. You get an infinite number of games from trivial over easy to hard. Both portrait and landscape mode are supported.

A seconds counter encourages you to play against time and a moves counter motivates you to solve the puzzle in as few moves as possible.

Settable sounds and speech and even sung moves give more feedback or you can play in silent mode. When finishing a game, your screen is captured (except for game 0) which includes your game number, number of seconds and number of moves and is saved in your photo library. You can email it to us at and if you are the fastest or the brightest player of that game, we will put it online here.

iQubiqXL  is perfect for people who like intelligent puzzles and/or train their 2D to 3D imagination skills. Get it at

On iPad, iQubiqXL looks like this.


On iPhone or iPod, iQubiqXL looks like this.


Watch or download the iPad video over here or the iPhone video over here, or watch and rate the YouTube linked video right here.

iQubiqXL  is a Flatland parody on the 1980s cube you know. Universal binary, tuned for both the new iPad and for iPod & iPhone.

- Finally, you can see all 6 sides of the cube at once!

- Finally, all the cubes turns can be carried out with a single finger slide!

- Finally, the cube fits in your pocket (that is, when you’re not talking iPad :)

- and finally-finally nobody can remove your color stickers anymore!